Wide-array of options


One of the most important and exciting aspects of refinishing hardwood floors is the staining process. It is the step in a lengthy process and allows you to put your personal touch on your home project. NY NJ Flooring offers many different stain color options for you to choose from… whether you prefer dark, light or somewhere in between, you will be fully satisfied with the beautifully finished product!

Our expert technicians can help you match your existing floor color or pick a brand new one. We test the floor with the stain to be sure that the stain is absorbed well and that you are happy with the color before we complete the area in your home.
To prepare your floors for staining, we will repair any obvious problem areas like cracks, holes or gouges. Next, we will professionally sand and clean your floor to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Then, to protect your floors and maximize the performance of the stain, we will condition the wood before carefully applying the stain to your floor. We apply the stain evenly and do much of this work by hand. We can apply multiple coats for a darker or richer finish. Finally, after the stain has dried thoroughly, we complete the staining process by applying a polyurethane protective coating to seal the stain, providing shine and protecting the wood and the stain.

We work efficiently and quickly

Entire install

We can manage the entire hardwood floor installation or refinishing process, paying special attention to keeping the cost of the project affordable, the quality of all of the products we use, and the experience of our valuable customers. We do not consider a job complete until you are fully satisfied with the final product. We work efficiently, professionally and offer a dust free guarantee. We realize that hardwood flooring projects naturally come with a significant amount of dust and debris, but we take steps throughout the process to contain the dust and thoroughly clean the affected area at the end of the job.

Installing or refinishing your hardwood floors is a very big decision. Don’t trust just anyone! Call NYNJ Flooring today at 908-433-3064 for a FREE in-home estimate. Very often we can schedule the estimate within a week and begin transforming your home in just a matter of days!