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Sometimes hardwood floors need a little more than a sanding and new stain. At NY NJ Flooring, we can go over the pros of restoring your existing flooring or stairs to bring them back to vibrant life. There are many contractors out there who are quick to convince you that you need to jump on installing a new hardwood floor when you can easily save money and be more environmentally friendly by restoring what you already have.

Original hardwood flooring is very hard to come by, and some of the detail in original oak and pine wood flooring cannot be duplicated. Let us work with you to decide if what you have can be restored.

Since restored hardwood flooring does not need an installation, you already save money. Factor in that you do not have to buy new hardwood, and you save even more. And since all our projects come with our Dust-Free Guarantee, you won’t have to worry about getting the rest of your home dirty to restore your existing floors.